Soap Ingredients

Base Oils + Fats

Our soaps are made from tradition soaping oils and fats such as organic olive oil and tallow, along with luxurious butters and oils like avocado oil and organic shea butter. Each oil is chosen for different properties to make up a particular soap. We consider how well an oil, once turned into soap, will moisturize, cleanse, and last in the shower. We have a passion for concocting the perfect ratio of oils and fats. Each of our formulas produce a bubbly bar that leaves your skin feeling hydrated and clean. Some of our soaps are more creamy than others and are noted in the product descriptions.

One ingredient that never makes its way into our soap is palm oil. Even though certified sustainable palm oil is available, we decided it would be best to avoid it all together.

What Makes Soap, Soap

Sodium hydroxide, commonly known as lye, is mixed with oils and fats which causes a chemical reaction resulting in soap. This chemical reaction is called saponification and no lye remains in the final product. When combined, the ingredients are transformed into a salt. An example of this would be when olive oil is mixed with lye, it transforms into sodium olivate. Soap does not exists without lye. To keep things simple and readable, our labels list the ingredients of our soap as they go into the soap pot (sodium hydroxide + olive oil), instead of listing the final form (sodium olivate).

Herbs, Clays, + More

Sun + Daughter soaps are enriched with botanicals, mineral rich clays, and activated charcoal. We never use synthetic colors to produce our designs. All colors come from the earth. Not only pretty, your skin benefits from these natural additives.

Essential Oils

We only use pure essential oils to scent our soaps, all of which are either steam distilled or cold pressed. You will never find fragrance oil in any of our soaps.